Wash your hands you heathens!

Posted by Rawrb on March 12th 2020, 12:00 AM

You know what? I'm glad they named this stupid virus after a forgettable beer. I mean, "Bud Light" virus or "PBR" virus would've probably made more sense, but whatever.

We're doin' this shirt because we're asshats. You know what? Consider this a SERVICE. You can declare your love for Psychostick and tell people to wash their shitty hands at the same time! It's EFFICIENT.

Wash your stupid hands
We're helping somehow!

We've also got dates on our calendar. DATES! Go see if you're one of the unlucky few to miss a show! Har har. HAR HAR HAR FARF FART FART FART

If Alex became a zombie, we'd be fucked.