Matty J Moose

Psychostick's Bass Moose (Matty's Facebook)

Matt self-interviews himself. Mmm... redundant...

-where the hell did YOU come from?
-Long Island, NY. Its over there! ::points::

-where did you get those antlers?
-They were a gift Bill Manspeaker of Green Jelly that i then modified! i duct taped them myself ;)

-what are they made out of?
-a bicycle helmet, a couch cusion, industrial strength spray-on glue, duct tape, and love :)

-how did you first hear of psychostick?
-i heard "the beer song" on WAAF in boston

-are you really a juggalo?

-what is your favorite pizza topping?
-your mom.

-what is the meaning of life?
-the color twelve

-do you have a girlfriend?
-the same as my favorite pizza topping (see above)
::whispers:: (...thats a no!)

-why does psychostick rule so hard?
-because we said so!

-Best psychostick show?
-Mayhemfest 2010 (July 20th in St. Louis, MO)

The Official Humorcore Band.