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We Urge You to Consider

Hi there! Lately our contact form has been a bit well, overused and abused. Rawrb here's gotta step in and tell it like it is. Or, maybe, gently nudge you to consider a few things!

We've got a section on this website called, "Frequently Asked Questions." The goal here is to encourage you to take a good look at this here section due to the fact that it's possible that the very question you have to ask us has been asked before! This rings especially true if you're wanting to fill out this form asking us to come to your city to play a show. That's right; we've covered that one in the FAQ as well.

Why do we insist that you read the FAQ? It saves us some time AND energy so that we can put those two attributes to good use to get us out on the road, write songs, etc.

So make sure you've checked the FAQ for your questions before you proceed. That'd be awful swell of ye.

In a Band to Get Chicks (and failing).