Breakdowns and breakfasts are the same thing. Let's webcast!

Posted by Rawrb on May 22nd 2017, 12:00 AM

As we work on the next album, we often come up with some really dumb little things that need tending to. For instance, the insatiable need to BREAK one's FAST via BREAKFAST. Yes, that's where the word comes from. With this supremely bacon-flavored factoid in mind, I give you THIS:

To celebrate this classical masterpiece *gets punched in face/speedbagged genitals*, we're going to have ourselves an AMAZING webcast. It starts TOMORROW (we aer gud planningz ahead guyz), May 23rd, at 7pm Central. Great thing is, you can watch it on YouTube, Facebarp, or even Twitch! We are THAT nerdy.

So JOIN US. Mark your calendar with something pointy/covered in cheese. Mmmm...

CDs in stores and possibly your face.