Zone... of DANGER!

Posted by Rawrb on March 17th 2015, 12:00 AM

So did you miss our webcast last week? We unveiled a new music video called, "Danger Zone!" It's about the love between a man and his thermonuclear green death bomb. You'll cry at the end.

Or not.

So yeah, watch it. Like, right now:

To celebrate our victory, we've released some sweet new swag for you. More like, "Shotgunned you some new shirt-bullets." Wow, that sounds awesome.

Click to get:

Danger Zone Shirt!Dogs in Space!Dogs Like Socks 2015

We've also added a few more tour dates since I've typed at your FACE last time. That's right, I type directly at your face when I type. I imagine that there's a keyboard on your face and it's all, "clickity-clackity-smackity."

So check 'dem dates if you like music concerts.

Let's not forget I've been postin' some more of my drawrings. Here's a few that you might've missed:

Now I'm going to put the foostuff into the mouth cave.

We're not "cool." Join us.