Psychostick wins the Internet Oscar!

Posted by Rawrb on February 24th 2015, 12:00 AM

Just kidding. Had you goin' there, didn't I? YOU'RE SO GULLABLE.

So the Oscars are happening I think. I dunno. I saw a couple of movies last year. Mostly played a game or two and pretended I was muscular. Lots of fun. 

Things have been happening! OMFG! You like bullet lists, right? I prefer LASER LISTS. Pew! Pew!


Look guys, I've been working like crazy on my comic lately. I want to FEEL your appreciation through the internet. Or, you can just browse these and pretend you like 'em. Either way, they exist.

A new blog is LONG overdue, so look out for that. Gradually. *shifty eyed grin*

Oh, more stuff that you might find interesting! Interviews and moar? I misspelled "moar." Crap, I did it again.

Psychostick in Metal Hammer Magazine!

By the WAAAY, we have two sweet hoodies that'll keep you warm in the frozen tundra of Arizona. Pick your poisons, yo.

They say "New!" because they are NEW.

Alright, my typin' fingers need to hit the spa. Later beeshes.

The Official Humorcore Band.