Promo Stuff

Need a logo or photo for promotional reasons? You've come to the right place. On this page you should find everything you need. If you don't, let us know.

Logos and Mascot (Stic)

Psychostick logos and our mascot, Stic, for promotional use! Contains high-resolution printable stuff!

Standard Psychostick Logo
Revenge of the Vengeance Psychostick Logo
Psychostick's mascot, Stic

Tour Art

Want tour art for an upcoming tour?

Revenge of the Vengeance Tour Part 1 Main Poster
Revenge of the Vengeance Tour Part 1
Revenge of the Vengeance Tour Part 1 with tour dates

Show Flyers

If you need a show specific flyer to download and print, they'll show up here!

  • There are currently no upcoming shows booked.

Psychostick Promo Photos

Current band photos including a high-resolution option. PLEASE stay away from Google Image search, as most of those are outdated and stupid.

Album Artwork

You can also find various resolutions of our album art in the downloads section.

Radio/Audio Promo

Yep, here's what you need if you wanna make a radio commercial or something awesome that is audio related. Yay!

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