Angry Old Ladies are our niché. But do they attend Dragon Con?

Posted by Rawrb on August 15th 2017, 12:00 AM

A-hoy-hoy. Chocolate chip cookies for pirates? I dunno.

We've got some swanky dates coming up with Ideamen in the midwestish area of our smelly country. We even have VIP tickets available to those who want to get in REAL close with us and drink in our essense!

(Holy crap, that's creepy)

Splersh over to our tour page to snag the info/juices you need.

Speaking of creepy, I just finished a shiny, overly-buffed blog called, "The Definitive Guide to Being a Punisher." It's not quite as awesome as the upcoming Punisher series on Netflix, but it'll have to fill your brain-holes for now.

Make sure you give this sweet interview with The J a good listen. It might put another wrinkle or two on your brain.

Also, we're confirmed for a little convention called Dragon Con. Put on that chain mail, grind up to level 3, and come see us! Can't wait!

We secrete awesomesauce.