Psychostick Black (hole) Friday Extravaganza! Complete with CUBE

Posted by Rawrb on November 21st 2018, 12:00 AM

It's that time of year for good ol' fashioned captialism! YEAH BABY! I mean, uh... Happy Holidays! We're startin' our "festivities" early this year so that you're not overly stuffed with turkey and/or camped out in front of our store, roasting high-fructose chestnuts, waiting for the onslaught of sales to begin.

Anyway, we're unleashing lotsa savings in the starting today (Wednesday, Nov 21st) going through Cyber Monday (Midnight central, Monday, Nov 26th). This gives you a bit more time to snag your goodies and annoy your friends about it, but our stock is limited so get in there whilst ye can!

Speaking of extremely limited, we've got something mysterious for you! This time it's the, "Holiday Happy Cube of Mysteries," and it'll contain... uhh, who the hell knows. But you want it, don't you? It's mysterious!

As mentioned, it's extremely limited! Strange how "cube" rhymes with "tube..."

Thanks again e'erybody for the support! Enjoy your holidays. Or don't, whatever.

The Official Humorcore Band.