Zombie Claus, in yo' FACE!

Posted by Rawrb on December 3rd 2019, 12:00 AM

Hot damn, we did it again! This time we only drank TWO gallons of bleach instead of the usual FOUR. We're learning!

Our latest parody victim is Rob Zombie, whom I might add, had it coming. What's that, ROB? You're way to RICH and FAMOUS to try and sue SANTA? That's right; his crack team of lawyers are greasin' their stockings for some law-flavored candy. Mmmm!

Oh right. Anyway.

Here's that new video or whatever.

Hey, it's all over the streaming mediums (Spotify, Apple Music, whatevers) and/or our store.

OH! And there's this fun shirt for you brave, brave nerds out there. This'll disappear soon, so get it!

We're 10 times as good as you wish we were.