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A ridiculous collection of Psychostick's visual and aural stupidity in moving picture form.

Live "ABCDEath" at the Red Eye Fly in Austin, TX

Live "Beer" at Aftershock in Kansas City, MO

PSYCHOSTICK as GREEN JELLY in Portland, OR at Peter's Room / Roseland

Joshy Progresses

Psychostick trying to remember how to play Tuff Luv...

Guitarist Joshy Loses Battle with Jagermeister

Checking out iPads at the Apple Store

Live Performance at the Green Jello House in Hollywood, CA

Parental Advisory Tour - Part 5

Parental Advisory Tour - Part 4

Parental Advisory Tour - Part 3

Parental Advisory Tour - Part 2

Parental Advisory Tour - Part 1

"Sandwich" at The Mad Hatter in Covington, KY

"Scrotal Torment" at Brewsters Pit in Jacksonville, FL

November 2009 Tour Footage

Ryan McCombs from Drowning Pool intros "I Can Only Count to Four"

Alex from Psychostick talks about SilverFox!

Josh Rides a Mechanical Bull

Girl Directions Video Trailer

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