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A ridiculous collection of Psychostick's visual and aural stupidity in moving picture form.

Sandwich Tour Blog - Part 6

Sandwich Tour Blog - Part 5

ABCDeath at The FOE in Billings MT

DIY Show in Cheyenne, WY

Sandwich Tour Blog - Part 4

Visits Video Game Exchange in Colorado Springs, CO

Sandwich Tour Blog - Part 3

Talking About Resident Evil 5

Sandwich Tour Blog - Part 2

Drunken Webcast from April 26, 2009

Two Ton Paperweight at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO

Sandwich Tour Blog - Part 1

PSYCHOSTICK: ABCDeath at Pop's in Sauget, IL on April 19, 2009

The Birthening Teaser

The Official Psychostick Street Team AKA 'The Dumb' Orientation Video!

New Album Preproduction Part 1

Psychostick: Jager Stage at Mayhem Festival 07.18.08

Terrible Shirt Tour - Jager Love

Psychostick Album Fundraiser

Psychostick: Terrible Shirt Tour - Video Blog 6

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We laughed at the end of Titanic.