Tab it up, fuzzball!

Posted by Rawrb on June 9th 2017, 12:00 AM

"Hey, Psychostick! When are you gonna release GUITAR TABS for your SONGS?" - Some guitar nerd, 2004

Upon conquering Everest*, Moby Dick*, and The Orphan Kos in Bloodborne* (all equally difficult), our lone guitar ninja has finally completed the first ever OFFICIAL guitar tab for "We Couldn't Think of a Title." So if you dabble in the guitar things and would like to finally learn how to play "BEER!!!1" and/or "Why, oh, Why," now you can. OFFICIALLY.

Snag it here if you have the deep desire. DEEPLY.

Tabs fer guitar!

I also want to point something interesting out that's been somewhat "controversial" in the music industry. The old school fanatics who enjoy grinding their bits upon the old way of doing things (ie, sign a record deal, sell "records," owe and be owned by a record label forever) are slowly starting to fall away thanks to the internet. Streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, are now the most sought after methods of acquiring tunes.

Literally anyone with some recording gear and boatloads of creativity can rise from nothing to stardom. The odds have now been evened, and we LOVE THAT.

I'm very proud of us nerds here in Psychostick for being adaptable. I also want to point out that yes, while it is nice that you buy music from us directly, we do get paid from streaming services. We're very happy with it. Please don't ever feel guilty for listening to us through a streaming platform. It DOES support Psychostick directly, and we thank you for it.

That being said, you can find us on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music - pretty much everywhere. Add us to playlists, share with friends/enemies/barn animals, listen until your face melts off of your skull. We love it.


Speaking of streaming...

We have a channel! I'm mostly on there playin' vidja games and makin' artstuff, so if you're into that whole nerdy world (worldy nerds), please check it out and follow. I'm live in the evenings on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Sometimes I'll sneak another day or so in, so please follow it if you're a twitcher!

Lastly, for all you web nerds out there, we finally got smart and updated our store URL. It's now - Yes, DOT STORE. We do things smart sometimes!

*such lies

The Official Humorcore Band.