Two Sandwiches, one You.

Posted by Rawrb on June 5th 2017, 12:00 AM

Well, according to Ask Jeeves, summer is here. You know what that means? I dunno. Sweat? Allergies? Humidity? (Yes to all of those things)

First off, we have ourselves a very time-sensitive piece of classic merch: The "This is not a Shirt, it's a Sandwich" shirt. We're printin' a very limited amount of these, so get your orders in now before they gone. The cutoff date is June 8th, 2017!

Eating shirt is optional and has overdose of fiber.

I also did this thing:

So yeah, snag it whilst ye can!

We also decided to fry up this here music video:

We also did a stupid webcast celebrating this event. It was absolutely dis-awesom-gusting. Oh wait, there's also another shirt for that. WHAAA-AAAT?

Note my panicky expression. NOTE IT

We're also still doin' the songwriting thing, but you didn't hear that from me. SSSSSH.

In a Band to Get Chicks (and failing).