The NEW Psychostick Show? On Twitch? Oh no!

Posted by Rawrb on June 26th 2019, 12:00 AM

So we here in the Psychostick camp have been secretly cookin' on some new, saucy, garlicy stuff for you to sink your insatiable face into. Not sure if that last sentence made sense. Oh well. Roll with it.

Our evil experiments have landed us this strange idea that maybe, just maybe, we could do some live music related weirdness for this thing called the internet. Did you know that the internet is a bunch of horny computers just blasting each other with data? I bet you didn't!

Anyway, on July 2nd 2019 @ 9pm Central we're gonna go live on our Twitch channel and *checks notes and smeared scribbles on my inner thigh* play... mu... music? What is this "music?" Oh, right - it's the entirety of our existence since the Jurassic era. It's called "The Psychostick Show" and will make any and all live streams/talk shows look like they're farting around in a rusty bucket filled with wet socks.

So fire up your phone/computer/tractor and tune in on July 2nd @ 9pm Central. For those who aren't familiar with Twitch, don't you worry. You can watch anonymously and experience what we're cookin' when we go live. Keep in mind that we WILL be interacting with the chat and havin' fun with those who are participating in our shenanigans! If that sounds delicious, you can sign up for an account on twitch, follow Psychostick, turn on notifications, and feel the gentle nudging caress of our thunderous weirdness. LIVE.

We hope to make these Twitch live events fun, engaging, interactive, and frequent! We have big, veiny plans for this and can't wait to show you how throbbingly nifty they are.

Also, we just released this shirt. If you hate being awesome, don't get this:

The Official Humorcore Band.