"The Psychostick Show" was a huge success. Let's do more!

Posted by Rawrb on July 6th 2019, 12:00 AM

Did you know we're gradually rolling out more online live performances along with tons and tons of other shenanigans? You did? Well I'll shut up then.


Just kidding, I can't shut up.

Last Tuesday we pulled up our britches and did ourselves the first "Psychostick Show" on Twitch, and we performed many songs for a gooey, hairy two hours. Here's the whole thing if you want to watch it real quick:

As I've mentioned before, we have big plans for this new format and we hope to do tons of these, and since our musical catalog is pretty huge, we can play songs that we'd normally be unable to play at regular shows. How 'bout that?

Big plans. BIG. Throbbing.



Make sure you follow us on Twitch (subscribing is optional but encouraged) as we continue to itch and taste more of these streams. Whoo!

CDs in stores and possibly your face.