(Lyrics by Key, Kersey, Preiss - Music by Key, Preiss, Kersey)

I like beer cause it is good
I drink beer because I should
If there was a song to sing
I sing it and beer you bring

I drink beer when I am sad
Cuz the beer it makes me glad
There is nothing left to say
So let's go drink beer.


Let's go drink some...

BEER! Beer... (x 6)

When it's warm it tastes real crappy
But cold beer will make me happy
When I throw up on the floor
I can go and drink some more

They say beer will make me done
It are go good with pizza
Now that we have drunk some beer
Let's go drive a car.

Fun Fact(s) about "BEER!!!1"

Oh do we have some facts for you.

  • This was the breakout song for Psychostick back in 2005/2006.
  • The first notable "viral" moment was when BEER was posted on Ebaumsworld.
  • XM Radio soon picked it up and began spinning it like crazy. Many FM stations followed.
  • The goofy, simplistic verse style was inspired by a scene in the movie, "My Girl," where the main character wrote a poem about ice cream to impress a teacher she had a crush on. I think.
  • The video was animated in Adobe/Macromedia Flash by Rawrb.
  • The original intention of the video was to promote "We Couldn't Think of a Title's" CD release party in 2003. It didn't work, but what it DID do was so much more later on.
  • The "BEER IS GOOD" chorus has various guests from the Phoenix local music scene at the time.
  • The answering "BEER" in the chorus was done by "Noogz" from Detox.
  • It's also about beer.
  • There's also this music video.
  • Wow.

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