Blue Screen

Lyrics: Murphy, Rzemyk, Key
Music: Rzemyk, Key

I can't believe it went down this way
I had so much left to save
I thought that we would last forever
But now I'm taking it day by day

Oh what I'd give to have you again
But there's no way I can get in
You shut me out of my whole world now
My heart is in the recycle bin

And I don't know why
Backups weren't on my mind
‘till the day my computer died
My hard drive fried and I cried
I was too careless, now it's repairless
I know that's not a word,
but I don't give a  f__less
And now that you won't load, not even in safe mode
I gotta check E-MAIL ON MY PHONE

I feel as blue as my screen
Your error message is true. You formatted my heart and partitioned it in two

I'm trying so hard to be strong
to be a man who can take a fall
I guess I had to learn the hard way
The price of making you hold it all

Now fate has forced me to interact
with human beings who talk and laugh
I'm in a hell of social functions
Fresh air and sun have turned my heart black

And I know I tried, for the data you had inside
Disk Utilities couldn't find
Why my access was denied

Now it's all over, I'll never recover
the memories you stored
Must have been a bad sector
And now you're so empty
You boot up to nothing
And now I gotta look up stuff in books

I saw you wouldn't get started
I tried running GParted
through the night just to find you couldn't be revived. I had to lose all my shit to
learn to never forget that you can never depend on just a single drive

The saves to my games and all my porn...
I miss you. I miss you. (PORN)
I'll heal with time, but for now, I miss you.

I hit Control+Alt+Delete
I guess there's no other way
Now I'm formatting C colon
But you come up blank

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