Bruce Campbell

Concept by Nick Belyung
Lyrics: Dontre, Murphy, Rzemyk, Kersey
Music: Key, Dontre, Murphy, Rzemyk

Bruce Campbell is the finest man to grace a silver screen.
All the other actors just degrade his noble scenes
The Oscars should award him for his wondrous career.
Hold a town parade for him with each movie premiere

Bruce Campbell! We're gonna be best friends! Gonna come to your house and watch
Hercules from season one till the end
I'll hand you everything I own and you'll sign it all for me! Then we'll start
rehearsing for
Cave Alien 3

Bruce Lorne Campbell should be offered every lead! Imagine him as Spider-Man,
a finer choice indeed
Casablanca could’ve been improved if Campbell would’ve said, ”Here’s lookin’
at you…you primitive screwhead!”

Bruce Campbell Dert dert da dert dert dert
Gonna come to your house and put Xena on
And not sleep till it's done
I got the whole box set for Brisco County, too
I love you and to prove it's true I'm gonna play a kazoo

Bruce Ash Campbell is a truly stellar man
He bravely fought the Deadites but a chainsaw took his hand
Coincidentally, I have one I barely ever use
I’ll saw it off and ship it to the charming, handsome Bruce

Bruce Campbell, I need the measurements for your chin! Gonna get me a jawbone
implant and I'm gonna be your twin
Then I'll get me a tattoo of your face
And put it right on my...face
Then we'll fly into outer space and...
Hey Bruce, where are you going?

Bruce campbell (gonna find you)
You can't hide from me! I found your house on Google Maps and just watched you
go pee! When I find you, I'm gonna clone you
Take your DNA against your will
I'll make 8,000 Bruce Campbells
to build Bruce Campbellville

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