Do You Want a Taco?

Music: Key - Lyrics: Key, McReynolds, Grant

Do you want a taco? Do you?

Do you find every thought you have's about it?
Do you ache every second you're without it?
Do you feel like your soul's on fire?
A burning desire!

Do you hate anyone who keeps you from it?
Would you do anything until you got it?
Would you slay a thousand zombies if it meant you were gonna get

Do you feel inner peace because you hold it?
Would you fall in despair if you had dropped it?
Does it meet every need you have inside?
You feel so alive!

Do you crave all the simple pleasures of it?
Does the taste qualify to call transcendent?
Can you claim that to taste it is to know the mind of God?

Do you consume it, or does it consume you?

Fun Fact(s) about "Do You Want a Taco?"

There's a stupid video for this song too!

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