Don't Eat My Food

(Music: Preiss - Lyrics: Grant, Key, Kersey, Preiss)

All day I was working a shitty job with shitty pay.
My only motivation was leftovers from yesterday.
I come home to find that my lasagna is all gone.
You're the only culprit, now the line must be drawn.

I hate you.
You ate my food.
You killed my mood.
That was so rude.
Don't eat my food!

Those are my taquitoes and those cupcakes belong to me.
Don't you fucking eat them or death will find you in your sleep.
That's my frozen pizza and those are my burritos too.
Don't you fucking touch them or you'll be eating through a tube.

(You get what you pay for)
I have no food.
You ate my food.
I'll get repaid
by eating you!

Don't eat my food!

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