Fight to the Death

Music: Key, Murphy, Rzemyk
Lyrics: Key, Rzemyk

Fight to the death for the last slice of pizza
You gotta want it more than him
Fight to the death for the last pizza slice
It's time to make your stand
You gotta punch him in the face
Then he punches you in the face back
Then you punch him in the face once again
And it makes him madder and he punches you in the face back, and you punch
him in the face, yet again, then you punch each other continuously!
Look at this guy! He thinks he knows karate
But he DOESN'T...know karate!
You gotta put him in his place with your fist or maybe a kick in the dick YEAH!
Now maybe stomp his ribs and liver...OH FUCK! That totally backfired! Now he's
comin' for you whatcha gonna do, and somethin' other funny thing

It's gone down to the ground like UFC
But it's really pretty damn boring
They're just lying there holding each other.
It's technical, but not exciting to watch.

Punch! Knee strike! Jab! Kidney punch! Eye gouge! Wet willy! Elbow drop!
Potato chips

And they're up and moving again
Now it's exciting again What is he gonna do next? He's gonna play a GUITAR

Holy shit! He's got a pointy stick!
He's gonna try to stab you with...the pointy stick! Don't take that shit!
You gotta form a defense The only option now left is to hit him with a TRUCK

Fight to the death for the last can of beer!
For the last toilet paper! ...’cause a dish in the sink! see who gets
the mail! see who gets to fight ALEX to the DEATH!
Fight to the death! Fight to the death over various stuff!

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