Lyrics: Murphy, Kersey, Rzemyk, Dontre - Music: Rzemyk

Flop Flop
Let me teach you how to flop
Gonna teach you how to flop

First you put your hands on the ground
Then you put your face on the ground
Then you put your whole body on the ground
And now that you’re down on the ground it’s time to flop

Floppin’ all over the floor.
You know you flop good when you look like a trout
Trying to get air but you can’t, 'cuz you’re a trout
On the dance floor. That’s the way to flop

Hey watch me flop, ladies love my moves like *ahh*
Hey, let’s all drop
To the floor and flop flop flop flop

Don’t you know the flop? It’s the hottest dance around man
When I hear that beat you know I gotta drop then
Shake my body like fish up on the dock man
This the flop can, you do the flop can
You convulse yourself looking like a salmon
Swimming up river to the mating beds

You gotta flop
Like a fishy fishy flop
Come on everybody flop
Get down on the ground face down and
Flop flop around flop to the sound
Like a trout

I want to teach you how to flop
I want to school you how to flop
I want you to get down to the floor
Get down, get down, and do the flop

Oooo you flop so good, Oooo you flop so cool
Floppin like a trout, it’s time to flop

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