From the Heart

Lyrics: Murphy, Rzemyk - Music: Rzemyk

I fucking hate you, you're the worst
Everything you do is really annoying
If you were drowning, I would smile
I don't like you on a personal level

I fucking hate you, you're the worst
I fucking hate you

And if you died I know I'd cry
tears of joy from deep inside
You'll waste while we celebrate
It may seem harsh, but you're a dick

Eat shit.

Fucking hate you
You're a douchebag

I hope every time you're barefoot you step on a LEGO
Hope every puzzle you make is missing one piece
I hope you develop an allergy to sex
I hope your children can't learn to read

Fucking hate you
You're an asshole

I wish you'd die, see your family cry
Collect their tears in a vial, mix them in a cocktail
Dancing on your grave, popping the champagne

This one's for you, you piece of shit
Douche-canoe, you flying fucking discharge o-ring prick

I fucking hate you

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