Introvert Party Time

Lyrics: Key, Dontre, Kersey, Murphy - Music: Key
Guest stars: Rustin Luther, Anthony Sardinha, Patrick Murphy, Magda "MerchQueen" Ksiazak

There ain't no party like an introvert party cuz an introvert party don't start.

Fridge is stocked with snacks and food
Music playlist sets the mood
Got a cooler full of booze
Friday night, this weekend's mine
It's finally time to let loose.

It's introvert party time
Staying home and being lame
Gonna read book or play a video game
Dodging social obligations
Annoyed by conversations

Disrupted by extroverts
This one way conversation burns
Assaulted by extroverts
You bring the yap, I bring the hurt
I'm hunted down by "people people"
Before the call, my night was peaceful
A "bad connection," the call was dropped
'Cuz you bring the talk

At the store waiting in line
Cheap tequila, salt and lime
Texted by my friends all day
I'm giving in, I'm going out
Being social in my own way

It's introvert party time
At a barbecue playing on my phone
Sneaking out the backdoor alone
Let's get together some other day
Gonna go back home, and that's where I'll...

Surrounded by extroverts
Small talk stalkers on high alert
Assaulted by extroverts
You bring the yap, I bring the hurt
Flanked left and right by "people people"
Before the swarm my night was peaceful
I spot the exit, it's time to walk
Cuz' you bring the talk

Leave me alone, leave me alone
I don't wanna talk to you
I just wanna be at home
Shouldn't have come out tonight
Wish I could block in real life.

Introvert panic time
My worst fears are coming true
Boy, you gonna take a shot out of that shoe!
Panic attack anxiety

Surrounded by extroverts
They wanna fight, it's red alert
Assaulted by extroverts
Ow! Ow! These punches hurt
Flanked left and right by angry people
Before the brawl my night was peaceful
Knew this would happen, I had a hunch
Now they bring the punch

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