The Jagermeister Love Song

I know I promised I'd write you a love song
But instead I just wrote you a drunk song
Because love is pathetic but 70 proof is no less
than pathetic

You look your best when my vision is blurry
That's not what I meant I can't keep from slurring
Because love is emetic but
not if you bought me a shot and I hit it

Drink 'till you're crazy
Dance 'till you're sick
Take off your bra

Give it to the stick

Drink 'till you're crazy
Dance 'till you're sick
Acknowledge the dumb
Give in to the stick

I can't see
Now I have to pee
and I can't count to three
but I can count to Jagermeister

Chug Chug Chug my Jagermeister!

Fun Fact(s) about "The Jagermeister Love Song"

This is a bonus track off of the 2006 rerelease of WCTOAT. When we recorded this, our goal was to convince Jagermeister to add Psychostick to their Jager Music thing. It didn't work, but when we started touring they added us. We even got to play a couple Mayhemfest shows. Then Jager stopped doing Jager Music and... who the hell knows what's going on now. HAR!

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