Let's Do the Sex

I'm chillin' here at the Jiffy Lube in the waiting room
When I see you
Why did you sit down so far away
I close the gap and say,
Something great. "Hey."
Did you fall from heaven
Cuz I'd rate you as a seven  
Maybe 8 depending on the time of day
Windspeed, and humidi-tay

Thanks for not spraying with me mace
And/or punching me in the face
Why don't we go back to my place
I got a really nice penis

Let's do the sex - Sexually
All of the sex - From A to Z
I'd like to sex - Pelvically
Let's do the sex (sexually sexy sex) 
Let's do the sex.

All of us 
At work, in a conference room
We're all listening to you
Giving a power point presentation on the dangers and legal implications of sexual harassment 
in the work place.
I raise my hand to ask
How can we propagate
While I legally invade
Your personal space (respectfully)
Hey now, speaking of space,
why don't you come back to my place
We'll have an agreed upon 
signed and notarized make-out session and/or
licensed intercourse

I just wanna feel
A totally responsible thrill
All through the night until it's light
Unless you're working in the morning 

Protective contraception
By our mutual discresion
Reaching maximum climax simultaneously

Let's do the sex - Mutually  
All of the sex - Consensually
Agree to sex - Legal-la-ly
Let's do the sex

Let's do the sex - Regularly
All of the sex - Unequivocally
Practice safe sex - Contraceptively
Engage in sex - Intercoursil-il-ly
Begin the sex - I'm excited that it's more than a kiss 
We're doin' sex - I can't believe that we agreed to this
Still doin' sex - It's coitusly colossally great
Sex sex sex - My preferred way to end a date 

Ugh. Yeah.

It seems that we just did the sex - Sexually
We did the sex - Enjoyably
I liked the sex - Definitely
We did the sex (sexual sexy sex)
Let's do more sex!

Weiners, ‘giners, and butts and mouths

Fun Fact(s) about "Let's Do the Sex"

This song was originally cut from Revenge of the Vengeance! WHAT?!

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