Mega Man

200X, so long ago
When there was only Rock and Roll
Dr. Light had built me, gave me armor of blue, you know
my job was lab assistant then
‘till Dr. Wily’s Evil plan
Killer robot army
Taking over the country, yeah

“Come on Rockman,” he said with a smile
“Defeat the robot masters or we’re all gonna die”
“The power’s in your hands, it’s time to make a stand”
“You’re the only one who can, you’re the Mega Man”

The bosses can be tough, it’s true
Defeat them with your jump and shoot
Climb Crash Man’s tower, get equipped with his power
The right weapon takes fewer hits, unless you’re using P-bullets
Jump through the boss door, float up across the floor

Come on Wily, I’m at your castle door
I beat your robot masters, but must fight them all once more
I foiled all your plans, you never stood a chance
Now I’ll make you understand
I’m the Mega Man, Wily
Oooh I’m the Mega Man

“Come on home Rock,” greeted Dr Light
“I hope that someday you’ll no longer have to fight”
“But Wily’s back again, and WHO is this Break Man?”
Woooaah, woaaah-ohhh!
“Fight! Fight that guy again!”
But what Rock doesn’t understand, he’s a Proto Man!
Oooh he’s gonna lend a hand

Woah Mega Man, Woah Proto Man

He’s my brother, Mega Man now sees
Blue Bomber and Proto Man now join to face Wily
The power’s in his hands, no one stands a chance
He’ll keep fighting Wily’s robot clan

He’s a Mega Man, yeah!
Got a dog named Rush!

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