Mi Queso

Got a hunger rollin through mi panza
Don’t want a salsa or the guac, no
Need the cheeses both colors please got
yellow and white
Chop up a jalapeño by hand
melt down with Ro-Tel, use a whole can
tortilla chips gonna drown in
this melted cheese

Queso, Mi Queso

Crock pot, set on high
Ro-tel, cream of mushroom soup
Velveeta cut into cubes
ground sausage
roasted garlic

Shing langa shlappa dappa ding dang
Bern dernga dinganuh chorizo
Rama dama ferga blerg, derka-derka
Berga dolm vum velveeta

Baw wit da banga duh Chipotle
Gurp shlurpee derp nerp poblano
Full power up to the crock pot
Slow cook with me

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