Minimum Rage

(Music: Key - Lyrics: Key, Grant, Kersey)

I've been stuck at this stupid job for far too long
and I just don't know how much more of it
I can take before I lose it!

How can people that you see every day
turn so evil when they come in and pay?
For a burger and some fries then they yell
I swear I must be in a living...

"May I help you?"

Tell me how are you doing on this very lovely day?
Would you like to try a double bacon burger with a shake?
I can fake a smile of the kind you're never seen
because my manager's a bigger douche than you could ever be.

Leave me alone I've got work to do.

That's when they come and they go and they come and then they go and
they come in one right after the other.

I don't think that I can take another day
but I have to pay the rent or I am gonna get evicted!

I don't wanna go to work but I must!
Modest pay turn away in disgust.
Deal with people that just like to complain
they're sadists and they love to dish out...

"Let me get the manager."

Tell me what is the problem is there something I can do?
Do you have yourself a boggle here that I can help you through?
I am very sorry that we got your order wrong.
If you give me a minute I can fix it in a jiffy (you moron)

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