Moving Day

Lyrics: Dontre, Key, Rzemyk - Music: Key, Rzemyk, Dontre

Move his stuff.

Staring at the wall, what have I committed to?
A sacred social pact, something you cannot undo
Friendship maintenance and guilt forms a moving crew
If I do not help you move then you won't help me move

You told us all to be here right at noon yet you are still
packing and
Guilty of betrayal #1: We're working but you have been slacking

Up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs again

You hoard all your useless crap you refuse to donate to Goodwill and
I sacrifice my weekend to wading through your forsaken loot and
We repeatedly ask "What is this? Where's this go? What do
you do with this?"
I now descend down the stairs prone all alone in the spider basement

Up and down and up and down I wish that you were not my friend

What is all this pointless shit you kept
Ugly lobster tongs from your Uncle Jeff
Curse your box that's overstuffed with textbooks you forgot exist

It's moving day! Nothing says "Thanks, buddy"
Like a $5 Little Caesar's Hot and Ready
It's moving day! Nothing gives life meaning
Like doing heavy lifting all day and sneezing
It's moving day! Nothing says commitment
Like the friend with the truck that couldn't make it
It's moving day! I just love getting splinters
Then whacking my shins before smashing my fingers

Move his stuff! There's more stuff! So much stuff!

Flinch from that dog that barks every freakin' time you pass by it
We disagree please tell me how do you move a goddamn plant
Drip on my head now it rains and I'm wet, the boxes are ripping and
Spilling all your cables kneeling down, on the ground now
my shoes are all squishy

DVI and VGA, S-Video and RCA
USB 1, 2, and 3, mini, micro, A and B
40-pin IDE, a wired mouse from ‘93
Broken parts you can’t replace, ya better keep ‘em just in case

Guilty of betrayal #2: All the restaurants closed and
it's too late for food

You disappeared 2 hours ago come back and now you
smell like reefer

Dude, I'm about to beat you to death with this vacuum cleaner

It's moving day! So glad it's raining
I'm hauling your junk as you stand there complaining
It's moving day! Well, this is a treat!
The sun's gone down and there's nothing to eat!
It's moving day! Betrayal #3
You exaggeratted how quick this would be
It's moving day! Havin' so much fun!
It's 1:00 am and we're still not done

Movin a couch.
We're moving a couch

Break out the chainsaw, gonna cut it in half!
One love seat's now 2 recliners
I'll set all your stuff on fire

Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground
furniture, watch it burn, old apartment, new apartment too
Burn it to the ground

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