(Music & Lyrics: Key)

You're an orange!
You're round and juicy and sweet.
You're full of vitamin C.

Here in my hand sits a lovely orange
and it's round and I think it has a really yummy taste
and it's skin has pores and it's juice is sweet
and it peels and I gotta say I think it's kinda neat.

Sweet oranges!

You're filled with
generous amounts of supplements
like natural folate, thiamin and magnesium.

That's better
than the content that is found within your standard apple,
passion fruit, honeydew or plum.

Have you had your V8 today? NO WAY!
You're just drinking a pizza.
Tomatoes really are fruit.

Here in my hand sits a lovely orange
and it's orange and I think it makes a really handy snack
and it comes with seeds or it comes without
take a bite, get a seed, and you'll wanna spit it out.

You are in
genus citrus and you come from trees
that have white flowers and sometimes reach fifty feet in height.

Your pulp has
tightly packed membranous juice cells packed into a wedge that
tastes real good when I take a bite.

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