Passive Vengeance

(Music: Key, Preiss - Lyrics: Grant, Key, McReynold)

Your pubes are on the soap ‘cuz you never wash them off and I never
say a thing!
There's wrappers on the floor and you never do the dishes and I
never say a thing.


I'll move your bookmark to a different page!
I'll let your hamster out of it's cage!
I'll call you names when you're just left the room!
I'll draw mustaches on pictures of you!

Passive Vengeance!
No direct confrontation at all!

You haven't got a job and you owe me for the rent and I never say a
You always eat my food and you're hogging up the shower and I never
say a thing!


I'll put a scratch on your favorite CD!
I'll tell your friends you watch CMT!
I'll steal your change that you dropped on the floor!
I won't tell you when I go to the store!

You won't see this coming at all!
You won't see this coming!
Calculated retribution you will feel me indirectly.
In retaliation justice will be dealt because I

farted on your door handle (you got more comin')
I took a roll of toilet paper! (NO MERCY)
I gave your dog diarrhea (you got more comin')
I threw away your phone charger (so take that bitch)

So take that bitch!
You want more bitch?

How can you prove it was me?
That's called Passive Vengeance!

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