President Rhino

Lyrics: Murphy, Kersey, Key
Music: Murphy, Key, Rzemyk

All hail President Rhino
All hail rhinoceros Commander-in-chief

Republicans think they got a solid economic platform, rhinoceros has two horns
Democrats want to raise the tax on the rich
A rhino's skin is grey and thick
Rhino will bore through your entrails
swat flies with his thick tail
Debate social issues
When it’s time to vote you know what to do

(Vote Rhino)

The people loved him for his brutal honesty
‘till he mauled a crowd of people at a orphan charity
When Rhino's term was finally ending
his support had started waning
Grazing on the White House lawn
the press revealed that he was lazy
Foreign policies in question
Poachers gone, yet still in recession
Rhino just wants to stampede
I think it's time that he secedes
How could we all believe that such a prehistoric beast who barely sees
could have capacity to lead the country to prosperity?

Re-elect President Rhino!
Re-elect rhinoceros Commander-in-chief
Re-elect President Rhino! Re-elect the rhino
All hail President Rhino!
All hail rhinoceros Commander-in-chief

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