Prozak Milkshake

I'm depressed
So I wrote this song
To express
Everything that's wrong

Like my Mother
Wouldn't let me go to a rated R
Cool movie
At the theater with my friends

And I know
That you may not think that it's a big deal
But you don't understand.
You would never understand.
You could never understand.
You will never understand.

Now I'm singing this melody
And I don't know the words
Cuz my life's just so pitiful
Like one big, smelly turd

I'm so fat
And I'm ugly
And I'm dumb
And I boring

I'm a loser and that's all that I'm ever gonna be
No use trying; I could never get anywhere

Die, die, BITCH, DIE!
(and stuff.)
Die, die, WHORE, DIE!
(At random.)
Die, die, SLUT, DIE!
(Who farted?)
Die, die, French FRY!
(I'm hungry.)

Fun Fact(s) about "Prozak Milkshake"

The song is about being overly sad and down, the name just kinda seemed to fit perfectly! It was meant to make fun of the "emo" genre at the time.

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