Rent in Peace

Lyrics: Key, Rzemyk, Kersey - Music: Key

Friday night 1994
Me and my friends are stepping through that door
To see movies, VHS and DVD
On shelves as far as the eye could see

Flicks I seek and I would always find
Joy in the aisles whatever I desired
SNES and NES and Sega Genesis
Unless some jerk beat me to the one I wanted should've come a little sooner but I digress

One by one I watched them close
Or turn into a "Cash for Gold"
The movie palace that gave us hope gives out payday loans

And this kids will never know
Blockbuster Video
Every weekend we would go
Then we'd bring the movies home

Netflix ain't got nothing tonight
and Redbox leaves me dead inside
My childhood video rental spot is now a parking lot
And the kids will never know.

Sunday night, it's time to take 'em back
It's 11:47, better get to haulin' ass
I'm running red lights
Ignoring stop signs
Cuz last time I didn't pay the late fee a collection agency was coming after me
Barely made it! Whew!
Little did I know
I was rushing to return my final video

What can we resort to now?
To pretend that we're going out?
A sacred ritual lost to time and we can't rewind

And the kids will never know
Hollywood Video
Every weekend I would go and bring my treasures home
On-demand can lick my balls
And torrenting takes way too long
There's only one place that I wanna be, but it's up for lease
And the kids will never know.

All of those games
Wow, what a different time we're living in
And the kids'll never know

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