(Music: Key, McReynolds - Lyrics: Key)

Take off your clothes.
Pick up the soap.
Get in the tub.
Turn on the water and check on the temperature,
curtain facade.
Pull on the knob.
Water on face.
This is the place to be time to get nice and clean

Water washes all of the parts of you in need of a good washing
killing bacteria on your body
leaving you feeling great increasing your odds that
night of getting laid.

When you're getting your scrub on you can practice on your singing
having a blast with the water that you're flinging
making your fingers wrinkled if you stay in too long

The water's warm and so inviting and it's
cold outside
I want to stay in here forever where the
steam doth rise

Better wash behind your ears!
Better get between your toes!
Don't forget your belly button
It's shower time you bitches!

Do your best to get your back!
Let the soap run down your crack!
Private parts need your attention
It's shower time you bitches!

Get everywhere.
Shampoo your hair.
Rinse it all out.
Cleaning is done today, time to procrastinate
stay in the shower
Another half hour
Hot water hog.
Pounding on door begins
time for the fun to end


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