Stream Stutter

Lyrics: Key, Kersey, Murphy - Music: Key

How could you?

I stepped into the room to see
The truth of you betraying me
A guilty look upon your face
Lit up by the glow of your laptop screen

How could you watch our show without me? Was I not worth waiting for?
How can I get caught up to where you are with a whole season or more?

How can we talk about our theories when I'm so behind?
Now a sea of episodes between us has me lost inside

Stream stutter
Our bond is buffering and the show can't go on
Stream stutter
Another broken stream a connection lost

You say you'll watch it all again
Lie to myself, as I pretend
You glance excitedly at me
Before every pivotal scene

No I didn't know that character died, but I guess I know it now
You claim you didn't realize you got mixed up somehow

I wish that you could see what your thoughtless binging did to me
And you - you think it's all okay although you spoiled everything

Stream stutter
Connection throttling, and the show can't go on
Stream stutter
Another frozen screen from a wicked heart

I'd wait for you but maybe I
Should watch it by myself tonight
I'll see the last ones all alone
Till 6am on my phone

I'll give you 13 Reasons Why
You're Breaking my heart Bad
You Parked and Rec'd my soul
Now I join the Walking Deadwood
My trust is a House of Cards
My Orange is the New Black Mirror
A Game of Boardwalk Empires
gives Stranger Thrones than, uhhhh... Westworld

Give me your username and password!

Stream stutter buffering - how could you do this to me?
Stream stutter throttling - how could you do this to me?
Stream stutter
Our bond is
Stream stutter
Our time is
Consider our binging cancelled

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