Tuff Luv

(Music by Joshua Key, Lyrics by Joshua Key and Robert Kersey)

GIRL! I wanna hold your hand with you
GIRL! I wanna put my mouth on you!
GIRL! I wanna be with you... with you!
GIRL! I wanna do romance with you

Yeah yeah yeah baby, do romance with you

GIRL! Come and play D&D with me
GIRL! Go to the DMV with me
GIRL! Come rub a fish all over me
GIRL! I'll take your picture while you pee

Yeah yeah yeah baby, picture while you pee
Woa woa woa honey, picture while you poo

Makin' love in a car
Makin' behind the bar
Makin' love at the mall
Makin' love in a bathroom stall

GIRL! I wanna take a walk with you
GIRL! I wanna play xbox with you
GIRL! I wanna get on you... WITH YOU!
GIRL! I wanna make some stew with you!

Yeah yeah yeah baby, make some stew with you
Woa woa woa honey, come make some stew with me

Makin' love in a tree!
Makin' love in a boat!
Makin' love at the park!
Makin' a lotta love in a parkin' lot!

I wanna wrap you up like a bean burrito
I wanna get you naked and watch Speed 2 (Cruise Control)
You make me feel like a million waffles
You make me feel... really good.

Ya know there ain't nothing like yer muffins
Yeah, I wanna take you on a beer run
I wanna like, BRBRBRB in yer boobies
I wanna do you in tha cornhole

GIRL! You made a casserole for me
GIRL! I wanna watch TV with you
GIRL! Come go to check the mail with me
GIRL! I'm stuck with you with me with you

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