Welcome to the Show

(Lyrics: Key, Kersey - Music: Key, Kersey, Rzemyk)

What's up bitches?
I like to yell things into the microphone
And say bad words - monkeyfucker!
You know where you're at right now?
Take a wild guess.
You're at a concert
You're at show.

This is a concert.
This is a show.

Live shows are heavy
Concerts are heavy

Start up a moshpit
Mosh pits are badass
Start up a moshpit
Go fuck some shit up
Makes some fucking noise!
Let me see those horns
Show me your middle fingers
Now get your keys in the air
Now Fucking jingle those keys.
Put your keys away.
And Give your neighbor hug.

You're at a concert!
Concerts are badass!
You're at a live show!
Live shows are bad, Fuckin', ASS!

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Released an album called "Sandwich"! Idiots!