You've Got Mail Enhancement

(Music: Key, McReynolds - Lyrics: Key, Kersey, McReynolds, Preiss)

If you should ever decide you want to start a career in internet
marketing. If you engage in spam there's something you should know
that I will hunt you down and

I'll destroy you.

I get online, then notice I have email
I click my inbox, and see
ah, what the fuck?
20 emails, all coming from the same guy.
I don't why he's concerned about my penis size.

And what is this? I've won a brand new Xbox?
I click the link and I get fifty popups.
Try to close 'em, my PC takes a shit on me.
There is no rubber for electronic STDs.

For every spam I get I'm gonna make you eat your own shit.
For every spam I get I'm gonna choke you with your own dick.

Thank you for ruining the internet fuck face.
Donkey balls.
Cooter cream.

I get rebooted, and get back to my email.
I got some forwards, a lame joke from my mom.
Keep on searching, for anything legitimate.
I got a feeling, I'll never end up finding it.
And what is this? Shania Twain all nekkid!
I click the link and I get dicks on the screen!
Endless dickage, colossal disappointment.
I'm gonna find you and slay you with enjoyment.

For every spam I get I'm gonna smash in your face with a brick.
For every spam I receive you're gonna get to gargle your pee.
For every spam I get later I'm gonna rub your face on a cheese grater.
For every spam you send me I'm gonna do something like really not good!

Thank you for ruining the internet shit lick.
Penis steak.
Anal butter.

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