2021, Let's Get 'er Done!

Posted by Rawrb on January 21st 2021, 12:00 AM

Don't like my delicious title at all? Are you wearing your stupid pants? Yes.

Whelp, 2021 has already been a bit of a uh, rollercoaster of weirdness, but now that things are starting to find their balance, we here at Psychostick are dusting off the candy-cane/pumpkin-spice from our carcasses to rise up and do... something.


1. The Psychostick Show Season 3 begins February 18th at 4pm Central! We'll be back, full force (Josh and all) performing music songs on our YouTube, Twitch, and Facebarf page! If you're ever confused on where to go, just head to psychostick.com/live to touch/click/snarg a link and get where you need to go.

2. The Psychostick Blabcast (official title pending) will be happening every Thursday at 4pm Central until Feburary 18th. So tune in to hear us talk about the things. We plan on having special guests as often as possible, so keep on checkin' in. Then...

3. The Psychostick Blabcast (still pending, damnit) will move to another time during the week once the live shows start back up. Unsure when this is as of right now. Also, very importantly...

4. Matty streams every Monday and Friday on his channel! Tune in to hear him smash accordians and guitars and whatever bucket-shaped thing he finds together in order to make music sounds!

We are working on some interesting music things to release into the wild when they're up to snuff.

So that should do 'er! Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you on Thursdays! Hooray!

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