Psychostick Lineup Announcement

Posted by Rawrb on January 22nd 2024, 8:00 AM

Your boys in Psychostick are definitely not immune to change, and boy do we have a doozy.

It's my unfortunate duty to announce Psychostick has decided to part ways with Matty J Moose.

If you've been a fan of the band for more than 13 years, you've likely also been a fan of Matty J and his moosey antics. This parting is due to creative differences. I wish there was a less stereotypical way to describe this, but there really isn't.

On the bright side, we're more than happy to report that everyone in Psychostick as well as Matty are on fantastic terms. Don't believe me? Believe this:

We're celebrating Matty's 14-year run with Psychostick by circle-pittin' at Matty's final two shows with us! See? I told you.

Snag some tickets for Columbus and/or Flint to help us celebrate Matty's awesome Psychostickey career!

We also want to ask you to please respect Matty and Psychostick during this transition and beyond. Don't barrage him or us with tons of questions, accusations, sharp objects, etc. 

I'll address the potential bigger questions right now to help quench your thirst for answers. *ahem*

Q. Give me the drama and the details. I'm nosey and stupid!
A. There is no drama. We're all still friends and we're adults that know better. 

Q. What about the Toxic Crusaders video game soundtrack? Music videos? Future shows?
A. The Toxic Crusaders OST is still on schedule. All videos and future shows are still happening. We'll let you know if any of that changes.

A massive, chonky THANK YOU to Matty for your dedication over the past 14 years, and thank you to our fans for your support and understanding. 

Is there no end to these jerks?