Season 2 Update, 2020 Continues to be a Sack of Farts.

Posted by Rawrb on August 7th 2020, 12:00 AM

For immediate release.

Since 2020 is the dystopian barf bag of annual treks around the Sun, Psychostick will be starting the Season 2 livestream concerts a bit differently. We’re going to start with a “Preseason” episode without Josh before we officially kick off the season (we may have more depending on when Josh is able to join us again). As you may already know, Josh recently had a death in the family, and he’s enduring yet another loss with the passing of his father. Damnit, 2020, have you considered… not being a festering fiery fissure filled with foul fetid filth?

Anyway, the Preseason starts on August 13th at 5pm EST, and we’ll officially start up Season 2 as soon as we can. Send your well wishes to

Yeah. Absolutely unbelieveable and heartbreaking. We here at Psychostick grieve with our brother Josh send our love to him and his amazing family. We appreciate all of our awesome fans for being patient and supportive.

Please join us on August 13th at 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern for the Season 2 Preseason!

Is there no end to these jerks?