"The Tacos and Video Games" Tour.

Posted by Rawrb on March 10th 2023, 12:00 PM

Ohhhh boy. Here's a fun thing!

Startin' in May, we've got a super-happy-fun-OMFG set of shows for you and possibly someone you know that probably smells weird but you're too polite to say anything but they know you know.

Anyway, this run is a co-headliner with our good buddies in Bit Brigade! They're awesome because one of their band members plays (speed runs) a game while they perform the soundtrack to that game. LIVE. It's awesome. During this tour they're performing "Ninja Gaiden" and "Double Dragon" for the NES! Wait, aren't those games too hard? OH NO

Also, while we're in Texas, our soulmates in Urizen are hopping on the tour to battle robots and other various threats to humanity, all of which you definitely don't want to miss.

Here are the dates! Get yo' tickets!

  • May 11th, Cleveland OH @ The Grog Shop
  • May 12th, Detroit MI @ Sanctuary
  • May 13th, Chicago IL @ WC Social Club
  • May 14th, Des Moines IA @ Lefty's
  • May 15th, St Louis MO @ Off Broadway
  • May 16th, Oklahoma City OK @ 89th Street
  • May 18th, Lubbock TX @ Jake's
  • May 19th, Austin TX @ Come and Take It
  • May 20th, Ft Worth TX @ Ridglea Room
  • May 21st, Houston TX @ Scout Bar

Grab some tickets up extra hard!

Here's some cool art from Aljon! WHOO!

If Alex became a zombie, we'd be fucked.