We've got Gear, Dear!

Posted by Rawrb on February 1st 2023, 10:19 AM

A small update to the website layout just happened (for nerds who care), plus some rearranging of things. We've got tons of things in the pipeline that we're really excited about, so be sure to follow us on all the socials, especially our YouTube channel. You gon' love it.

Also a snazzy new feature has been added to the site - GEAR!

Our new gear page showcases tons of gear that we use to perform, produce, and generally act like weirdos. You can even filter stuff out, like if you want to see what dumb crap Alex uses, or what Josh relies on for making noises and such, you can do so on our gear page.

The cool thing is, you can get the stuff you need, AND if you use those links on the gear page, Psychostick gets a little bit o' cheddar for the sale. This helps us out SO MUCH. Win/win! Maybe if we win enough we'll stop being losers. Maybe. It's worth a shot. 

So, if you're going to do some online shoppin' on Sweetwater, please do so here. It'll help us out! Same thing goes for Amazon - shopping using this link will help the ol' stick out.

Thanks again for all the support! Now back to makin' things...

Jarsh ate a dog made out of frosting and lived.