Angry Video Game Nerd is in our video?

Posted by Rawrb on September 17th 2019, 12:00 AM

So I was hit in the face by a meteor and forgot to make this post. The meteor was made of peanut butter.

Guess whut? James "Angry Video Game Playing Man" Rolfe let us wander into his lair of geekdom and make some stuff. We made the hell out of this:

Then we made these shirts from ultra-rare unicorn pubes:

Then we covered the everlasting piss out of the AVGN intro song for his show (which you can download for free here):

Then, we shot some stuff for his Rental Review show. It was EXTREME GLORIOUSLY:


That's a lotta stuff! Too much stuff? Only if you like being STUPID, idiot! Har har.

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