Season 6! More Shows! AAAH!

Posted by Rawrb on January 26th 2022, 12:00 AM

Y'know, we've been bustin' our collective asses on our next major release(s) that I keep forgetting to tell you guys things. Are we dormant? Are we neglectful? Are we just lazy asshats who can't get our shit together?

The answers to those questions might suprise you.

So yes! Tomorrow (January 27th, 2022) is officially Season 6: Episode 1! We're back, fatter from the holidays, but with a crisp, pointy disposition. "Disposition towards what?" It doesn't matter. Our disposition can beat up YOUR disposition, and that's what really matters.

If you also take a closer look at our calendar, there's a healthy heap of shows at actual venues over the next few months! If you haven't seen Psychostick live before, bring a towel. Why? I dunno. We just like towels.

I did mention something about major release(s), didn't I? More info very, very soon. Thanks for your patience/rage/apathy.

Here's a video!

Released an album called "Sandwich"! Idiots!