2022 Draws Near. Command?

Posted by Rawrb on December 22nd 2021, 12:00 AM

I like to use Dragon Quest references. Don't know what that is? Sucks to be you, har har!

We're windin' down for 2021. Crazy, right? I know we were talking earlier this year about a new album coming out in 2021, but, as you might have guessed, that plan has changed. It's for the better. Trust me.

Or don't.

First off, we've mapped out a bunch of Psychostick stuff for 2022, and if things go as (mostly) planned, there should be some sweet surprises in store for you in the coming year. We're super excited about them, and after the craziness that are the past two years, we're thinkin' you'll enjoy the shit out of 'em.

We appreciate your patience and support! Soon we'll be announcing more Twitch performances, shows, and other fun things. Keep your eye on our socials and on this here internet web site page.

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