Crappy Band Name #89

Crappy Band Name #89
January 19th 2016, 12:00 AM

So, this one... I dunno. Axes are fun. So is the other thing, according to the internet!

You can probably tell that I drew this'n on paper (except for the band logo). This means it's not digital; it is a one-of-a-kind drawring. Would you like to OWN this piece of "art?" I'd like for you to own it!

If you're interested in buying it, please e-mail me ( I'll let go of this'n for $50 plus shipping. I can optionally draw in the logo if you want, I didn't for this for some reason. Weird.

I've also received a few messages/emails lately about custom drawings and drumheads. So here's the breakdown:

  • Yes, I do custom artworks! I have a very weird and specific style. If you dig the comics, that's pretty much what things'll look like. Here's a sample of a few I've done before. These are a bit older and I've done a bunch since then. Need to update that album... heh.
  • Cost varies. Digital tends to be $30-ish or so, depending on complexity. Analog (on paper, drumheads, etc) will probably be a bit more.
  • Yes, I draw on drumheads. I'm currently OUT of drumheads, but in a couple of weeks Alex'll be back in town to change them. If you WANT, you can buy/procure a drumhead and send it to me to draw on. E-mail me if you want to do this.

Hooray! Like I said, just e-mail me if custom anything strike your fancy, or if this particular comic is something you'd like to own.

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