"JINGLEBALLS" Black Friday thru Cyber Monday!

Posted by Rawrb on November 26th 2021, 12:00 AM

We're being forced to do one of those "Black Friday" sales by Klingons or something. I didn't realize that such a violent, honorable, bumpy-foreheaded alien race was so into holiday savings.

Quick, what's the Klingon word for "hopelessly overweight sellouts?"

Anyway, use the code JINGLEBALLS to get 16% off of absolutely everything at psychostick.store

You can also click/touch/slap here to automatically apply the code without having to do any of that silly "typing." Psshaw.

The sale ends on Monday, November 29th at midnight! OH NO!

We've also got a couple of new items for you to slurp down!

Pentawreath 2.0!

These shirts are limited edition, snazzy 2021 exclusives! So weird, right?

Also, we've compiled all of Alex's demolished drumheads. These are one-of-a-kind collector's items! We'll sign 'em, customize them towards you, and probably draw some weird shit.

Let Alex sell you some (drum) head.

Thanks for all the support! Our next virtual concert is on December 9th at 7pm Eastern. Whoo!